SAP XI-PI Online Training Course Content

Duration: 5-6 Weeks


  •     Overview of NetWeaver and its components
  •     Need for Middle ware tools
  •     Overview of SAP XI/PI
  •     Features of XI.
  •     Architecture of XI.

  Understanding SAP XI/PI

  •     Integration Repository
  •     Integration Directory
  •     Runtime Workbench
  •     SLD
  •     ABAP Stack of XI/PI (Monitoring)
  •     Advanced concepts introduced in PI (Process Integration)

   Working with Simple Scenarios (First File to File Scenario which helps to understand the steps need to be followed)

  •     Repository Steps : Creation of Data Types , Messages Types , Message Interfaces , Message Mapping
  •     Configuration Steps: Creation of Business Service, Communication channel configuration, sender agreement, receiver agreement configuration, Interface Determination.
  •     Understanding Message Flow in XI.

Getting into Scenario customization :

  •     Data Type Creation (Occurrence of fields, identifying root nodes, identifying data types , using data types internal to other data types )
  •     Message Types
  •     Message Mapping
  •     Usage of Node Functions and other functions provided by product
  •     Creation of User Defined Functions ( Followed by Simple Examples)
  •     ABAP Mapping and JAVA Mapping
  •     Interface Mapping: why it’s needed, how this can be used for customized scenario.

Understanding Adapters in Detail :

  •     File Adapter.
  •     Idoc Adapter.
  •     RFC Adapter.
  •     SOAP Adapter.
  •     JDBC Adapter.
  •     Mail Adapter.
  •     HTTP Adapter.

Trouble Shooting in XI

  •     Understanding Run time Workbench in Detail.
  •     Understanding ABAP Monitoring in Details (Pipeline Steps).
  •     Different approaches to trouble shoot the error.

    Understanding BPM in XI

  •     Steps of BPM
  •     Features of each step in BPM and its Usage
  •     Available Patterns
  •     Advanced concepts introduced in new version of PI.

    Alerts in XI/PI

  •      Configuration of Alerts in XI.
  •     Configuring Alerts to Personal Mails.
  •     Alerts to Mobiles.

Overview of ABAP Proxy.

 Real Time Projects Explanation. Approach For Development using SAP XI and other project specific needs.

  •     Advanced Content on SAP XI/PI
  •     Note: (Provided on Additional Cost)

Pre- requisite: Well versed with Basic XI/PI course content.

Advanced Features in SAP PI.

  •     Advanced Adapter Framework.
  •     New steps in BPM.
  •     Direct Connections
  •     And other new features…….


  •     Correlation in BPM.
  •     Using Patterns.
  •     Use of different steps for performance enhancements.
  •     Trouble shooting of Scenarios using BPM.

Customizing the Adapters. (Needs basic knowledge of Java Programming).

  •     Development of Custom Adapter Modules.
  •     Adding Custom Adapter Modules in XI.
  •     Trouble shooting of Errors in Custom Adapter Modules.

   Understanding Performance in Details

  •     How to use Performance Monitoring to enhance the performance
  •     Steps to be considered for Better Performance
  •     Tool to use the Performance Monitoring.

Understanding BAM.


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